Zoom a boon for empathy

VC meetings are proving a boon for empathic communication and not just because of the childhood teddies, feral toddlers and family pets making unexpected appearances on our screens.

“I’m listening way more and speaking way less,” is a typical comment, with our clients reporting that being more in control of their own time and space is helping them tame their monkey minds and become better listeners.

And there’s another more prosaic reason: Group VC meetings enable you to better observe how others react in the moment. Instead of your sightline being restricted to a single part of the meeting room, you can scan reactions far more easily when the faces are ranked in boxes in front of you. 

Observing and decoding facial expressions is one of the most important communication skills to master, enabling you to tune into your counterparties and change tack if necessary. The three most useful options? Slow the pace down. Ask a question. Smile.