Writing Coaching: Engaging your readers

To write well is to think clearly.

From e-mails to reports, and from social media posts to thought leadership articles, all of us engage with the written word throughout our working day. For many of us, writing is our primary mode of professional communication. Which is why being able to write clearly is a differentiator.

Our writing training ranges from 1:1 coaching to exercise-rich group sessions in which participants learn the tried and tested secrets of professional writers. As former financial journalists, editors and ghostwriters we know how to help you hone your message and land your point.


One-to-one coaching

From articles to emails, and from books to reports, our 1:1 coaching has helped scores of senior executives order their thoughts and plan clear and impactful messages. Online or in person, and from 90-minute boosters to half-day sessions, we can design a focused session to improve general writing skills or structure specific writing projects.

Report writing

Our flagship small-group session that has helped hundreds of busy professionals supercharge their writing skills. In these dynamic and engaging group sessions, we explore the rules of clear communication that professional writers and communicators have used for generations. At the end of the session, attendees leave with a writing plan for a thought leadership article and the confidence to spend less time writing better copy. This session is ideal for professionals who want to write great blog posts and articles for magazines and newspapers, as well as those who simply want to make their day-to-day writing easier and more enjoyable.

Writing for investors and clients

We design and deliver large-scale training programmes to help equity and debt analysts consistently produce top-quality copy for their clients. We’ve done the same for management consultants and Whitehall civil servants, helping organisations improve their output and gain an edge over the competition.

Writing MOT & bootcamp

Our newest offering, we provide the writing version of a runner’s gait analysis or a cyclist’s bike fit. In these punchy and shorter sessions, we use writing exercises to analyse the participant’s writing style and habits. We then give them personalised tips and pointers to improve their writing immediately. Always 1:1, these sessions are equally effective online as in person.