What do investors want from your AGM?

When we help organizations prepare for AGMs and other investor meetings, the company’s top performers are sometimes reluctant to present, fearing it is not their greatest strength.

Happily, presentational perfection is not a top priority for investors. This audience is far more impressed by a thoughtful, coherent narrative conveyed by the people who are critical to the company’s future.

Here are five things they really care about:

  1. Do these people have a goal that they agree on?
  2. Are they clear about how they intend to achieve this goal?
  3. Are these presenters the people that will make it happen?
  4. Can they tell the story in a way that makes me want to listen?
  5. Do they behave like a team – do they even like each other?

Individual presentational excellence is always delightful. But a cohesive team, with a future-oriented message that is consistent with the company’s values and expertise, is what really counts. There’s no excuse.