Reframe your feelings first

Reframing is an important aspect of our coaching sessions. Taking a tough question and broadening the perspective, showing your counterparty a different way of looking at the issue, briding to a salient example or point of detail. It’s a critical influencing skill.

The most important reframing often happens before the interview, pitch or presentation, however. It’s reframing the negative feelings you may have about your counterparty. Perhaps the journalist you are meeting has written a harsh story about your firm or your client has been demanding and distant. It’s understandable you feel irritated or frustrated and only human to want to score points. But these feelings will get in the way of your message and there’s a high risk your irritation will show. So reframe your feelings ahead of time. Give your counterparty the benefit of the doubt and consider what pressures they may be under. In other words get curious.  It’s impossible to be curious and cross simultaneously.