Media & Public Speaking

Media coaching

Smart, sceptical and under-resourced, today’s business and financial journalists are under pressure to deliver news, views and social media posts. Those who engage constructively with journalists can steal a march on competitors, shape coverage and position their own story.

Our media training ranges from helping executives take their first steps with the print media to TV and communicating in a crisis. As former financial journalists and editors we help you build relationships with key journalists, devise compelling media messages and remain calm and convincing under pressure.

Level 1:
Winning over
print media

Showcasing insights into how the newsroom works; understanding rules of engagement including on and off the record; preparing messages that pass the newsroom test; anticipating tricky questions; interview practice and video-led feedback.

Level 2:
Winning over broadcast media

Making your message concise and clear for broadcast; handling penetrating questions; projecting energy in your voice, communicating with positive body language, practise interviews in the broadcast studio or with a professional camera crew.

Level 3:
Managing confrontational interviews

Tailored sessions to equips execs to advocate and be held to account for high-profile decisions. These sessions focus executives on deploying strategic corporate messages in high-profile moments and/or crises.

Presenting skills

Great content underpins great confidence as a speaker.  We help our clients put substance before style, building messages that are memorable, empathic and persuasive. We prepare executives for their next big challenge – whether it’s a team meeting, a client conversation, a  conference key note or townhall. Our individual and small-group sessions help execs speak with authority, poise and flair.

Level 1:
Speaking with Conviction

Presenting at internal meetings requires dexterity and clarity. We help you establish a good connection from the start, hone your point of view, proactively share on-point evidence and prepare for tricky questions.

Level 2:
Winning over the audience

We help execs step up to hold the attention of larger audiences, make a greater impact vocally and physically, deploy story-telling and rhetorical techniques and handle demanding Q&A.​

Level 3:
Speaking in the spotlight

Addressing larger, maintream audiences is the next step in a speaker’s trajectory. This session works on speaking without notes, managing the choreography of body, words and visual aids and harnessing the power of anecdotes and examples​.

Moderating & Speaking on a Panel

Of all the panels you’ve attended, how many were truly outstanding? Making a meaningful contribution as a panel speaker and leading a discussion as a moderator are hard to do to the highest standard. Furthermore, the advent of social media also means that panelists must be ready for their comments to be shared immediately with the outside world.


Our sessions ensure moderators and panelists understand their role and what it takes to hold a discussion that leaves the audience wanting more.

Speaking on panels

  • Preparing memorable and relevant messages
  • Being social media aware at conferences
  • Spotting opportunities to set out your points
  • Using anecdotes and stories to engage the audience
  • Handling tough questions from the floor
  • Practice on camera and playback

Moderating successful panels

  • What makes a strong moderator
  • Managing your panel before the event
  • Setting the right tone
  • Keeping the debate on track
  • Handling a difficult audience member
  • Practice on camera and playback