Clients & Investors

Client relationships & pitching

Warm and enduring client relationships rely on understanding their opportunities and challenges and how you can help. Whether you are preparing for informal networking, client meetings, phone calls or a full-on pitch we can help you prepare with more empathy and impact for those high potential interactions.

Level 1:
Building Client Relationships

Understanding the fundamentals of building trusting relationships with internal or external clients, preparing empathic content that really addresses their needs, active listening and questioning.

Level 2:
Compelling Client Presentations

Distilling your ideas into a pithy core message, supporting it with relevant data and examples, conveying ideas with confidence and poise, preparing for difficult questions and responding with conviction. 

Level 3:
Pitching to Discerning Clients

Pitching as a team, crafting messages that move the client towards “yes”, handling tough Q&A, controlling the flow, while remaining full attuned and responsive. Staying upbeat and authentic.

Investor due diligence meetings

Onsite due diligence meetings are designed to be thorough and exacting – an opportunity for your investors to dig into the detail and behind the claim ahead of committing funds. We help PE execs prepare for the really tough questions, understand investors’ priorities and showcase positive examples and expertise.



Investor days and capital market days

Capital market and investor days are a chance to deepen trust and engagement with your shareholders by enabling them to see what’s really driving the business, meet the people who are making it happen and establish that you are ahead of the challenges head. These days, investors expect to hear not just about strategy, but about your approach to environmental, social and governance matters. How can you convey your approach to instilling culture and values? How are your promoting diversity and pay equity within your workforce? We sit down with leaders and help them hone their story and prepare to tell it with conviction. We prepare them to handle tricky questions with poise, clarity and credibility. 

M&A Communication

Getting the best price for a company sale means telling a compelling and consistent equity story to potential buyers and their advisers.
If you’ve ever been involved in a company sale or merger, you will know how stressful it can be: very tight timescales, dealing with difficult characters, addressing unexpected questions/issues thrown up by due diligence, anxiety on the part of sellers, managing a wide range of counterparties/advisers. We can help bankers, company owners and company executives to prepare and execute more polished and convincing presentations to prospective buyers and rehearse for the most penetrating Q&A.

  • Teasing out a simple and compelling narrative
  • Conveying core ideas with poise and persuasion
  • Ironing out inconsistencies
  • Understanding the priorities of the prospective buyer/s
  • What are the difficult questions and what form might they take?
  • Handling the unexpected
  • Bridging to on-point information and messaging
  • Remaining poised and upbeat
  • Listening and attuning under pressure
  • Setting each other up for success
  • Verbal cues that send a positive message to your counterparty
  • Body language that conveys reassurance and positivity