A certainty for 2019 – more women needed on business TV

By Helen Lucas and Jeremy Adams

One story dominates the dawn of 2019 for investors, according to many guests appearing on business TV in recent months – uncertainty: But watch this montage carefully and it highlights another problematic theme for 2019. Out of more than 20 interviewees, none are women.

As if to underscore the problem, the montage is followed by an all-male studio discussion.

Business TV channels are increasingly making an effort to welcome more women onto their sets. Producers frequently ask our clients if they have a woman spokesperson available. More women are reaching senior roles in economics and portfolio management. And we are preparing significantly more women for media interviews than in the past. We recently conducted an all-too-rare group media training session for three women and no men (the reverse happens a lot).

Nonetheless the clip illustrates how the gulf in airtime between men and women remains vast. The only way to reduce it is to actively seek out more women spokespeople as finance organisations promote more women to senior roles.

So our new year resolution is to see more women from our clients appearing on the front pages and TV channels. Happy New Year!